Béla Hoffstatter and Ferenc Domány, commissioned by Baron Lajos Hatvany, designed the Danube Park Café building.

The café was opened in 1938 as the most significant modern style café of the capital. It was re-opened in its present form in September 2006. The owner intended the space to be a coffee house, featuring an atmosphere relating to that of 30s, allowing for customers to reminisce of the past even in the XXI. century.
Every morning customers are welcomed with fresh pastries, steaming hot cocoa and unique breakfast specials.
With spring showers and gray clouds, customers are able to escape the noisy city center into the cozy green terrace the café has to offer. The café’s real Italian coffee is a well-recommended specialty, including freshly squeezed juices and refreshing soft drinks. The summer heat allows the  customers to cool down with our locally brewed ice creams.

At noon, visitors can choose lunch offers from the menu in addition to the a la carte menu, which also provides plentiful offers from the chef that change weekly. After a mid-day siesta, guests can fulfill their cravings for sweets with a wide selection of cakes made at the local confectionery in addition to our offerings of hot chocolate and coffee options!
In addition to the evening piano, guests have the opportunity to get lost in our Mediterranean landscapes and enjoy unique food options that range from Far East flavors to the local cuisines of Újlipótváros!

In order to create lasting memories of a pleasant dinner, begin with aperitif cocktails that can be chosen from our appetizer list. Additionally we offer an extensive wine selection to the dinner courses, and to finish up the meal, choose from a variety of desserts wines, cognacs or a final cocktail to wrap up the dinner.